Rutgers Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

Policies and Procedures


It is the objective of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes to provide Rutgers University student-athletes the resources and opportunities to achieve academic, career and personal success.


Meetings with Coaches - Each advisor will meet with their respective coaches before the start of each semester to discuss academic procedures and policies. Each advisor will also meet with coaches after each semester to review the Academic Tracking spreadsheets and discuss Continuing Eligibility issues.

Team Meetings - Each advisor shall meet with each of their assigned teams during the first week of each semester to discuss academic policies and important dates and deadlines for the upcoming semester.

Individual Academic Meetings - All first semester freshman and transfer students, as well as, those who are under a 2.0 cumulative GPA must meet with their Academic Advisor a minimum of once every other week for an academic meeting. All those between a 2.0 - 2.5 cumulative GPA must meet with their Academic Advisor at the start of each semester to determine their Individualized Academic Plan.

EOF Students - Those students who are admitted through the Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF) program at Rutgers University will be primarily advised and counseled through their EOF counselor.

First Academic Meeting - The advisor will do an intake assessment including discussing academic goals, completing time management planners and distributing professor lists for each student to complete. The advisor will also explain policies regarding class attendance, academic monitoring, NCAA Eligibility procedures, study hall, tutoring services and the IAP. Advisors will send an academic report to the athlete's coach on a weekly basis.

Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) - Academic advisors will work with each At-Risk student-athlete to create an individualized academic plan for the semester. The plan will lay out what the student needs to be responsible for (such as number of Study Hall hours, tutoring appointments, and academic meetings) each semester. The advisor will review the parameters and responsibilities of the plan with each student, have the student sign the agreement and give a copy of each plan to the student and Head Coach. A copy of the IAP will also be kept in the student's file.

Progress Reports - At the beginning of the 5th week semester, all Academic Advisors will send out progress reports to each professor of student-athletes with whom they have meetings. For student-athletes in extreme academic difficulty, advisors will make earlier contacts with professors to determine academic progress. Each student-athlete is responsible for giving their academic advisor a completed professor list, which will have the names, phone numbers and campus addresses of each of their professors/instructors for the semester. At the beginning of the 8th week of school progress reports will be sent out a second time. If progress reports are not returned to advisors in a timely fashion, each advisor will make attempts to contact professors/ instructors through electronic mail or telephone.