Rutgers Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

Advisor - Student-Athlete's Roles

1. Select classes for registration in conjunction with Deans and Dept. advisors.
2. Register on time.
3. Advisor will not drop nor add academic courses over the phone.
4. Obtain Special Permission Numbers if
needed for closed classes.
1. Attend class daily, and complete class assignments on time.
2. Keep tutor appointments. Attend study hall and directed study sessions
4. Go to class and study sessions prepared.
1. Bring Student-Athlete manual to all
2. Keep appointments. (Must give 24 hour notice for missed appts.)
3. Take notes in class and transfer to Student-Athlete manual keep S-A manual up to date.
1. Follow advisors directions.
2. Stay up on NCAA, Big East, and Rutgers University rules
3. Check your PO Box weekly for important information from the university.