Rutgers Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

Academic Services

Drop-In Writing Tutoring

WHAT – Drop-in Sessions for Various Writing Based Courses (Dev of Labor, Writing for Bus, Seminar in Africana etc.)

WHERE - Hale Center – Academic Support Offices

WHEN – Drop-in hours so you don’t have to make an appointment!
Fridays 10AM-2PM & Sundays 7-9PM

***Will start the week of September 21st

Please see your advisor if you have any questions

    Total Recall Learning

Hale Center RAC

The Academic Services Program was developed to enhance the learning opportunities for student athletes while attending Rutgers University. The program provides learning support in a variety of subject areas and levels. Any student athlete on a current roster is eligible for academic services.  Tutoring services are offered through a request form for one on one tutoring, drop-in hours and exam review sessions throughout the semester. 
All tutoring will take place at the LBAC, Hale Center or at the Learning Resource Centers during normal hours of operation. Tutors, who are paid by Intercollegiate Athletics to work with students on a one-on-one basis, are required to meet with students at one of these sites. All exceptions must have prior approval by the Academic Services Coordinator. All tutors hired by Intercollegiate Athletics must complete a Tutor Training program and sign a form indicating they know the NCAA rules pertaining to tutors, before they are able to work with student-athletes. This program is designed and implemented by the Academic Services Coordinator.

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