Athletic Development
Methods of Giving

Cash Gifts

Donations are commonly received in the form of a personal check. Cash and checks are recorded and acknowledged through the Rutgers University Foundation. Checks should be made out to the Rutgers University Foundation.  If you are mailing a check please indicate the fund(s) you would like your gift designated to in an accompanying letter or on the memo line of your check.


A pledge is a binding obligation to make a gift or a series of gifts within a predefined period of time.  For priority seating, parking, and point programs a pledge is considered in one's point allocation at the April 30 football priority seating and parking deadline.  However, the annual pledge obligation must be met in full by June 30 each year in order to retain the priority benefits that were in effect on April 30.  A donor who does not pay his/her annual pledge in full by June 30 may lose any and all seating, parking, and points privileges. To make a pledge, call any member of the Athletic Development staff at 848-932-7629 or CLICK HERE to make a pledge online.

Credit Card Gifts

Making a donation by credit card is a quick and convenient way to support Rutgers Athletics.  CLICK HERE to make a secure gift online with your credit card or call any member of the Athletic Development staff at 848-932-7629 if you prefer to make your credit card gift over the phone.

Matching Gifts

Some corporations will match a gift made to the Rutgers University Foundation in support of Rutgers Athletics.  Your employer will provide you with a matching gift application typically through the Human Resources Department.  This application should be submitted with your donation.

      • For more information on companies that match gifts please CLICK HERE

Gifts of Stock

You may want to consider using stock instead of cash to make a gift to Rutgers. If stock you have owned for more than one year has appreciated in value since you first acquired it, you can donate it directly to Rutgers instead of selling it yourself. You can avoid a hefty capital gains tax AND you can receive an income tax charitable deduction based on the market value of the stock on the day you donate it.  Please contact a member of the Department of Athletic Development at 848-932-7629 for more information and/or instructions for making a gift of stock.

Planned Giving

Gift planning is a thoughtful strategy that may allow you to make the gift of your choice while benefiting your personal finances. This is possible through advantageous tax laws that provide powerful incentives to support public and private charities.

Through gift planning, it is possible to reduce or eliminate federal and state taxes owed on the value of a gift. Gift planning can work in your favor when it comes to paying taxes on income, capital gains, gifts, an inheritance, and your estate. These tax benefits are available to individuals at all income levels. For more information on estate gifts and planned giving vehicles CLICK HERE


Some non-monetary gifts that help to offset the expenses and further the mission of Rutgers Athletics may be eligible for gift-in-kind credit. The first step in this process involves a review of the potential gift-in-kind by the Department of Athletic Development.  From this stage the process may move through several other university reviews.  Gifts-in-kind involve a variety of stipulations.  University and Federal tax guidelines help, in part, to shape the review process.  Gifts of service, for instance, cannot receive formalized credit as a charitable contribution.  Gifts that are accepted may provide the donor with gift credit as well as a tax deduction.

Payroll Deduction

For Rutgers University employees, payroll deduction is a quick and easy way to make your annual gift to Rutgers Athletics.  Your gift will be withdrawn from your paycheck throughout the year. You'll never forget to make the gift and you won't have to worry about writing a check or paying credit card fees.  To enroll in the payroll deduction program please contact a member of the Athletic Development staff.

Additional Information

For more information about methods of giving please call a member of the Athletic Development staff at 848-932-7629 or CLICK HERE