Athletic Development
Ways to Give - Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts
Some corporations will match a gift made to the Rutgers University Foundation in support of Rutgers Athletics. 
The matching gift process generally follows these steps:

  • You ask your employer if there is a matching gift program.  Please ask your employer if gifts to athletics are eligible to be matched under your company’s policy.  Many employers will not match gifts to athletics. 
  • Acquire a matching gift application from your employer.
  • Complete your portion of the application and mail it along with your gift to the Department of Athletic Development.
  • The Rutgers Foundation will complete and return the application per your company’s instructions.
  • Your company will to what extent, if any, it will match your gift.
  • Should your company match your gift, you will receive priority point credit at the time your company’s gift is received and processed.

Please note the following important facts about matching gifts:

  • Apply early for your matching gift.  April 30 is the priority seating and parking deadline for football.  A matching gift will only count in your point total if your company’s gift has been received by this date
  • Know your company’s matching gift policy.  It is important you familiarize yourself with your company’s matching gift policy.  Learn about which causes it will and will not support, its deadlines and its fulfillment periods.  Each of these items could impact you.
  • Priority point credit will only be applied to one’s account once the matching gift itself is received and processed.
  • The prospect of receiving a matching gift from your company does not qualify as a pledge.  A pledge is a binding obligation one makes to fulfill a gift within a predefined period of time.  Because of its binding nature one cannot promise the finances from a source that one does not control (i.e. fulfillment of a pledge is the sole responsibility of the one who entered into the obligation).
  •  If your company’s policy states it will not match gifts to athletics then the Rutgers University Foundation cannot submit your request.  The Foundation is obligated to acknowledge and abide by the unique policies of each company’s matching gift program.

For more information on companies that match gifts please CLICK HERE