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Student-Athlete Scholarships

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Scholarships are the lifeblood of Rutgers Athletics and they are also the department’s single largest recurring annual expense. Each academic year scholarships will cost more than $10,000,000.  When donors privately support student-athlete scholarships it reduces this expense thereby strengthening our financial position in many other critical areas of need.

Annual Scholarships
Donors may elect to create and fund their own named scholarship. Annual Scholarships call for a minimum investment of $30,000, which may be broken up into payments of $6,000 annually for five consecutive years. Donors establishing named annual scholarships may have opportunities to interact with their scholarship recipient(s) through correspondence and the Annual Student-Athlete Scholarship Reception. 

Endowed Scholarships
Donors may also elect to create and fund a named scholarship that will benefit student-athletes in perpetuity.  An endowed scholarship provides a consistent source of funding each year through investment of the principal.  Named endowed scholarships can be created with an investment of $100,000 ($20,000 paid over 5 years) or more.  A fully endowed scholarship requires a commitment of $650,000 which is also available through a pledge payment over 5 years.  Endowed funds provide stable, long-term financial support for Rutgers student-athletes and creating an endowed scholarship is one of the greatest gifts that a donor can provide for Rutgers Athletics.  In order to compete with our opponents in the Big Ten Conference, Rutgers fans MUST invest in our athletics programs and creating an endowed scholarship is a great way to do one’s part!  

R Scholarship Fund (RSF) 
Establishing a scholarship is not the only way to help fund the education of student-athletes. Gifts made to the RSF go directly to support student-athlete financial aid, which benefits all of our sports programs individually and collectively. 

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Annual Scholarships

The Christopher and Rebecca Anzidei Football Scholarship
Bainton Baseball Scholarship
Steven Barna Annual Athletic Scholarship
Bill and Barbara Bauer Olympic Sports Scholarship
Bill and Barbara Bauer Student-Athlete Track and Field Scholarship
Bill and Barbara Bauer Student-Athlete Wrestling Scholarship
The Chris Beaudet South Jersey Football Scholarship
David T. Bender Memorial Scholarship
Bergen Sign Company Football Scholarship
The Bloksberg Family and Fabkom Football Scholarship
Kurt and Freida Brinkmann Memorial Scholarship
Brodsky Family Annual Football Scholarship
Brown Family Football Scholarship
Ted Brunelli Family Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Byrne Golf Scholarship
The Chandlee Family Athletic Scholarship
Cahn Family Track and Field Scholarship
The Cohen-Weiss Family Baseball Scholarship
The D. Stephen Curtis and Patricia M. Connolly Family Wrestling Scholarship
The DePaola Family Wrestling Scholarship
Leonard and Arline DuBrow Women’s Tennis Scholarship
David Elbaum and Murray Hoffman Memorial Football Scholarship
Fazekas Family Scholarship
Friedman Family Football Scholarship
Eugene and Gloria Friedman Annual Women’s Athletics Scholarship
Robert E. Galbraith Diving Scholarship
Bernard M. Goldsmith, III Annual Scholarship
Peter D. Greenberg Baseball Scholarship
Griscti Family Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Richard and Brenda Grennon Memorial Football Scholarship
Guacci Family Football Scholarship
Tom Hayes Endowed Scholarship
Fred Hill Baseball Scholarship
Sally Hobson Memorial Scholarship
Rachid Selim Homsany Family Annual Athletic Scholarship
The Raymond L. Hughes Family Football Scholarship
The Paula Hyman Memorial Football Scholarship
Internoscia Family Men’s Lacrosse Scholarship
Ann Irvine Memorial Football Scholarship
Ito family Football Scholarship
Joseph Julien Lacrosse Scholarship
Kerner Family Annual Football Scholarship
Andrew and Josianne Koerner Men’s Basketball Scholarship
Andrew and Josianne Koerner Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Kole Family Scholarship
Sally Lapelosa Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Barbara and George Lapnow Annual Scholarship
The Leppert Family Football Scholarship
Matthew Leydt Scholarship
Littman Athletic Scholarship
The F. Macaro and Sons Football Scholarship
Max Luber Football Scholarship
Maitlin Women’s Soccer Scholarship
Maloney Family Annual Football Scholarship     
Marks Family Football Scholarship
Men’s Lacrosse Scholarship
Joseph H. McCabe, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Kevin and Seema McGrath Lacrosse Scholarship
Joseph Mika Memorial Football Scholarship
Herbert Monheit Memorial Scholarship for Men's Golf
Herbert Monheit Memorial Scholarship for Women's Golf
Robert and Terry Mulcahy Student-Athlete Scholarship
Leonard and Rose Nemhauser Memorial Scholarship
Nancy and Douglas Obetz Wrestling Scholarship
John and Marcia Orcutt Family Foundation Football Scholarship
Larry Orlowski Memorial Golf Scholarship
Panasonic Corporation of North America
The Patrone Family Football Scholarship
Arthur Peabody Memorial Scholarship Fund
Perry Family Football Scholarship
JEC Nutrition Football Scholarship
Rutgers Painting Wrestling Scholarship
Amy and Ian Passingham Annual Women’s Soccer Scholarship
Jules L. Plangere, Jr. Scholarship
Leslie C. Rogall Academic Achievement Athletic Scholarship
The Anthony J. Russo Memorial Football Scholarship
Rutgers University Student and Alumni Federal Credit Union Annual Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Rutgers University Student and Alumni Federal Credit Union Annual Football Scholarship
Nicholas G. Rutgers, Jr. Soccer Student-Athlete Scholarship
Phil and Marilyn Scalo Annual Wrestling Scholarship
Scarlet R Non-Revenue Scholarship
Scarlet R Scholarship
Frank “Babe” Scudiery Memorial Baseball Scholarship
Barry and Elizabeth Shott Olympic Sports Scholarship
Alexandar G. Sidar, Jr. Wrestling Scholarship
Simonson Memorial Scholarship
The Sobin Family Athletic Scholarship
Symons/Feurey Athletic Scholarship
Rita Kay Thomas Annual Women’s Lacrosse Scholarship
Trapp Family Annual Football Scholarship
Allan Trimmer Scholarship
Jan Unger Golf Scholarship
Van Cleef/Cherry Weber Student-Athlete Scholarship
Paul Von der Heyden Football Scholarship
Deborah R. Walker Women’s Basketball Scholarship
Lester C. Wallack, Jr. Annual Scholarship
The Waller Family Athletic Scholarship
The David A. Whinfrey Wrestling Scholarship
The Williams Family Football Scholarship
Deborah Ann Zelizi-Mains Annual Women’s Soccer Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships

Alton and Fritzi Adler Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Edward J. Adler Men’s Golf Scholarship
Aresty Endowed Scholarship in Olympic Sports
Thomas T. Barr, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Margaret B. Beldon Endowed Scholarship
David Benjamin Endowed Scholarship
David D. Berson Endowed Football Scholarship
The Robert and Kevin Bianchi Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship
BG (Ret.) Bruce B. Bingham Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Blecker Family Endowed Athletics Scholarship
Boehm Family Football Scholarship
William P. Bohus ‘58 Memorial Scholarship
Helen and Floyd H. Bragg Endowed Scholarship
Stephen and Anna Brant Brenner Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Margaret Brogley Trust
Helen and Fred P. Brown Endowed Scholarship
Dorothy and Richard Bruskin Scholarship
Scott Bruskin Memorial Scholarship
Burns Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Frank Burns Endowed Football Scholarship
Byrne Golf Endowed Scholarship
Cagers Club Endowed Scholarship
The Cahn Family and Hershhorn Family Endowed Football Scholarship
The J. Herbert Carman, Jr. Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Henry de la Bruyere Carpender Scholarship
Gary M. Castaline Endowed Scholarship
Coach Matty Certosimo Endowed Football Scholarship
The Charriez Family Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Class of 1931 Scholarship
Class of 1935 Scholarship
Class of 1951 Scholarship
Class of 1953 Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Class of 1957 Scarlet R Scholarship
The J.H. Cohn Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Christine Reith Collard Scholarship
Robert Collett Scholarship
Kevin J. and Helen D. Collins Lacrosse Student-Athlete Endowed Scholarship
Helen D. and Kevin J. Collins Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Hyman Copleman Scholarship
Isadore Copleman Scholarship
Court Club Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Brian Crockett Endowed Scholarship
W. F. “Doc” Davey Class of 1933 Golf Scholarship
Arthur DeBlasio Golf Scholarship
Lowell and Katherine Doak Endowed Scholarship
Frank Elm Rutgers Swimming Scholarship Endowment      
Morton H. Estrin Endowed Scholarship Fund
Football Fan-ees Endowed Scholarship
Eugene and Gloria Friedman Endowed Athletic Scholarship
George M. & Anna C. Fritts Endowed Scholarship
Richard V. Frost Endowed Scholarship
Frank and Roberta Gagliano Endowed Men’s Track and Field Scholarship
Gamper Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Ernest T. Gardner Memorial
Ron and Joanna Garutti Endowed Football Scholarship
Ron and Toni Giaconia Scholarship
Gold Family Endowed Scholarship
Alan and Marjorie Goldberg Football Scholarship
Irving Goldberg/Harry Sovel Golf Scholarship
David A. and Toby Goldfinger Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Bernard M. Goldsmith III Endowed Lacrosse Scholarship
Herbert and Pauline Goodkind Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1940 Scholarship-Arthur Gottlieb Award
Joseph Griggs Memorial Scholarship Program
The Gross Family Endowed Wrestling Scholarship
Mason W. Gross Family Crew Endowment Fund
Frederick E. Gruninger Endowed Scholarship
Dick M. Hale Endowed Scholarship
Frederick W. and Peter W. Hall Scholarship
Lee A. Harris Memorial Scholarship
William “Bucky” Hatchett Scholarship
A. Vaughn Havens Memorial Athletic Scholarship
Abner B. and Evelyn L. Headley Scholarship
Peter and Joyce Hendricks Endowed Scholarship
Herm Hering Football Letterwinners’ Scholarship
Mark and Charon Hershhorn Football Scholarship
Mark and Charon Hershhorn Women’s Basketball Endowed Scholarship
Kiersten Elyse Hickman-Perfetti Endowed Women’s Basketball Scholarship
The Margaret Kolbe Hoerrner Endowed Athletic Scholarship
James D. Humsey Endowed Football Scholarship
iXP Endowed Football Schoalrship
Paul “Pete” and Elyce M. Jennings Endowed Scholarship
John Jevic Wrestling Scholarship
Leo and Lila Kahn Endowed Football Scholarship
Harold J. Kaplan Golf Program Endowed Fund
Kerner Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Alfred A. Kuebler Memorial Award
Frank and Alice Kuszen Endowed Baseball Scholarship
Lapnow Family Endowed Scholarship
Laudicina Family Endowed Scholarship
Lillian and Jerry Lawrence Scientific Management Endowed Scholarship
Ken and Sheila Lawrence Applied Statistics Endowed Scholarship
Walter and Dolores Leib Scholarship
Benjamin S. Leon Scholarship
The Lepone Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Richard Lock Endowed Scholarship
Robert Lusardi Memorial Football Scholarship
Joan and Frank Maggio Endowed Scholarship
Geza Marx Endowed Scholarship
Francis (Willie) and Jan Mendrey Endowed Scholarship
William B. Merrell Endowed Softball Student- Athlete Scholarship
Cathy and Alan Michels RC’72, RBSG ’74 Football Scholarship Endowment
Samuel H. Mudie Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Doris Murphy Endowed Scholarship
Phyllis O'Connell Endowed Scholarship
Amy and Shaun O’Hara Endowed Football Scholarship
Douglass J. O'Neill Endowed Student- Athlete Memorial Scholarship
Joseph E. Orlick Lacrosse Scholarship
Ornstein Family Endowed Football Scholarship
Joseph and Pat O’Rourke Football Scholarship
Ossi Endowed Scholarship in Basketball
Dave and Ceil Pavlovsky Endowed Scarlet R Scholarship
Morgan J. Pellowski Memorial Endowment
Lois and Brian Perkins Endowed Scholarship
Peterson Family Scholarship
Mark Pollack Football Scholarship
Edward W. Price Endowed Scholarship
Pro Celebrity Golf Scholarship
Andrew and Susan Reale Endowed Scholarship
Reale Family Endowed Football Scholarship
RU Fast Endowed Track Scholarship
Rutgers University Band Alumni Scholarship
Rutgers University Fast Track Scholarship
Rutgers Wrestling Endowed Scholarship
RU Women’s Golf Association Scholarship
Willard H. Sahloff Scholarship
Robert Salvin Athletic Scholarship
Michael J. Santarpio Football Scholarship
Adelbert F. Schefter Endowed Scholarship
Kenneth M. Schmidt Endowed Scholarship
Leo B. Schoffer Family Endowed Scholarship
Semper In Amicitia Scholarship
James Sierk Scholar Athlete Scholarship 
Martin V. and Jean S. Smock Endowed Women’s Crew Scholarship
Milton and Elsie Stalker Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Michael Stang Endowed Baseball Scholarship
Milton L. Strauss Memorial Basketball Scholarship
Strohmeyer Family Scholarship
Theodore Strong Endowed Football Scholarship
Alan Stull Baseball Scholarship
Rusty Swartz Scholarship
Teach for the Future Endowed Student Athlete Scholarship
Kenneth A. Tjaden Scholarship
Jeff and Suzie Torborg Softball Scholarship
Jeff and Suzie Torborg Endowed Baseball Scholarship
Touchdown Club Endowed Scholarship
Louis A. Trapp Jr. Endowed Lacrosse Scholarship
Trapp Family Endowed Football Scholarship
George W. Triblehorn Athletic Memorial Scholarship
Allan Trimmer Scholarship
James T. Valvano Scholarship
John R. Vander Veer Athletic Scholarship
Bernice and Carl Venable Endowed Scholarship
Ted and Lee Werblin Memorial Scholarship
Kathy Winkels Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Joseph P. Whiteside Memorial Scholarship
Women’s Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Ronald Yurcak Endowed Scholarship
Ron, Rita, and Jillian Zebeck Endowed Scholarship
John and Carol Zinn Endowed Men’s Basketball Scholarship