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Greg Schiano Weekly News Conference Transcript - October 17
  • Posted on October 17, 2011 3:42:51 PM
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  • October 17, 2011

    (Opening statement)

    “Little different this week obviously with the short week, but good practice today. Sharpened things up. Had longer meetings, less physical practice. But the guys came out very attentive and practiced hard. So excited about going out to a great venue like Papa John’s Stadium and playing a really good football team. Very good defense. They really create a lot of negative plays. They create havoc with their blitz scheme. It’s going to be a big challenge offensively. They’re quarterback (#5, Teddy Bridgewater) is very elusive. He’s started the last three games, very strong arm. He’s a passer. There’s no doubt he can throw the ball but when he has to, he can take off and he’s very dangerous with his feet. Big tailback (#10, Dominique Brown) and (#28, Jeremy Wright) very elusive. Young receivers that were very talented recruits. Some of them we know well, South Florida kids. It’ll be a tall order. Special teams, they do some different things. It seems like every week I’m saying that. Their punt team is a little different. They do some different things on the KOR, so we really have got to be on point or that’ll be an issue.”


    (On feeling comfortable with play of the offensive line)

    “A little bit. It’s not nearly where it needs to be. But it’s better. I’m not comfortable with it. I’m encouraged.”


    (On similarities between two teams)

    “Yeah, there are a lot of similarities.


    “They’re a pressure team. They do a lot of different things. A zone blitz, kind of a man blitz. We do a lot of the same ones. Offensively, I think they’re in transition a little bit, with Coach Watts kind of calling the plays now. He has a long history. He’s a very good coach. We have to look at things a little different when he’s calling or they were calling it all together.  The line coach is the same way. It’s a little bit disjointed as far as preparation goes. You don’t really have a clear picture. Now, he’s called it the last two weeks, but I’m sure as he kind of takes over, if that’s what’s happening, I don’t know, your play-caller’s personality comes through. So we’ve really got to study. It’s hard because I’m not really sure how it’s going down out there.”


    (On effects physically from Navy game heading into the short week before Louisville)

    “We came out. We were blessed. We came out healthy. As healthy as you could be. It was a tough game. No injuries of real substance. Just sore. So today was hard for them. It’s hard. Your body is used to having another 24 hours to rest. They came out and practiced hard.”


    (On development of run game)

    “We had one game where we rushed the ball. I’m not ready to proclaim that we improved the running game. It was better than it was. It wasn’t great the week before. We just need to keep working at it. Like I’ve said many times, we didn’t get here overnight and we’re not going to get out of here overnight. We may have some spikes, but to be a team that consistently runs the football, and we want to, we’ve got a ways to go still for that.”


    (On potential concerns about Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater)

    “A lot. Tremendous arm strength. Can make any throw in the book. Great escapability. It’s not that he wants to. It’s not that he’s looking to be a scrambler, but when  the protection breaks down and he has to go, he’s elusive. He makes people look silly. We know the kid. He’s a Miami, Northwestern kid who’s really talented, really a good football player.


    (On looking at Gary Nova’s mistakes at QB as “freshman” mistakes)

    “Sure. There always is when you’re inexperienced. I’m going to keep trying to talk about Louisville, though, and not so much our guys, but I’ll talk about Gary because of the nature of him being a young player than the game itself because the game before there were also some mistakes I think that he learned from. And the thing that I really enjoyed is that he improved on that. There were some exact situations in the Navy game to the Pittsburgh game, and he made the correction in the game. It’s one thing to make a correction on video. Another thing to make it in practice and then another thing to make it in a game. Coach Cignetti will continue to work through those corrections. And eventually you start to run out of things. There’s always new issues, but you run out of the ‘young guy’ mistakes’. We’ve had those for awhile now, though. We’ve had a young guy since Mike Teel left here, so what was that? 2008? Was that his last year? 2009, 10, 11 we’ve had a young guy here for a couple years. So we’ll see.”


    (On settlement of right guard position or if it is the biggest area of concern)

    “I guess you’ve got to, right? That’s why we’re making change. You can infer that, but you can’t infer that everything else is good. That just infers that that is just the best of what we’ve got right now and where we are. But there is competition at every spot and anything could change any day. But yes, I think you can definitely read into three different starting guards. I thought Art (Forst) did exactly what I thought he could do. He completely plays tough. He plays tough every week. If he’s the starter, he’s going to play tough. I do think he’ll be the starter but we’ll see how this week of practice goes.”


    (On possible example of what “young guy” mistakes Gary Nova has corrected so far)

    “I’d rather not. I think in generalities is the best thing. I’d rather not give our opponent that this was a mistake and now we’ve got to correct it. It’s amazing. I listen to so much stuff. It’s amazing what you learn just by listening. Players and coaches, read between the lines. So that’s why I’m a little bit guarded.”


    (On thinking back on difference between now and last time in Louisville when team ran the “Wildcat”)

    “I don’t have time for that. Now that you bring it up, I think about it. But really I don’t have time to think ‘Wow, look at this change’. But you asked if I thought about it and I haven’t. But now you bring it up, I do. Yeah, it’s quite different. Quite different. Maybe we’ll show some more ‘Wildcat’. Who knows?”


    (On Jamison finding rhythm)

    “I think every back tells you that. I haven’t met a back that says ‘Just give me 12, I’m good.’ They all, 20-plus is when they start cooking. There’s a lot of truth to that. You get in the groove. You get warm. You get the feel of it. But I think Jawan has earned that. That’s why he’s getting them. It’s neat. He had a good game. Now the challenge is to put that behind you and have another good game. Against a defense that I think is going to be better suited to stop our package, so it’ll be interesting.”


    (On Savon Huggins’ adjusting to the game)

    “I think they’re all adjusted to the game. To say where I thought he would be, I don’t really put those expectations on a guy. I think Savon desperately wants to be the guy running the football. And I tell the players I don’t care who it is. All I want is for someone to go do it the way we ask. I don’t really have a preference. I love them all.  But I know he’s competing. He worked his rear end off today. That’s good, that competition between our backs is making all of them better.”


    (On Huggins’ fumbling issues)

    “This one Saturday was just circumstance. That kid put his helmet directly on the football. I’m not sure you could, well, I’m sure there’s a way, but that one is tough. The other one, that’s not the case. You save them up for when they make that perfect hit, if that makes any sense.”


    (On Jamison’s ability to break tackles and fall forward)

    “I think it all ties together with his vision and good foot quickness. He sees things that most people don’t see and he sees them in a split second. So then he makes a move which allows you not to get directly hit. Because when you get directly hit, usually you go backwards. But he just sees things right in a split second and kind of jumps. So he gets hit, but he kind of gets hit on the side so he falls forward. It’s not always what people think of that ‘I’m going to run you over’. There’s not that many backs that can run over 240-pound linebackers. It’s usually that they have the ability to lower a shoulder, dip their hip and not take a direct blow. And Jawan is really good at that. What he’s improving at is he’s learning how to keep the ball right here, high and tight, while he’s doing that. As a younger guy, what you see is a guy makes a move and the ball will be all over the place. It ain’t perfect yet, but it’s getting a lot better.”


    (On Tim Wright’s progression)

    “You mean considering his knee injury? Now days, these kids come back from the knee injuries pretty well. I mean, he was doing so well preseason camp 2010. I mean, I thought he was just ready to explode. And then the injury certainly set him back. He’s still not back to that level yet. But he will be. They always say that it takes a full year, a full season. I don’t know if that’s true. But when he has more games under his belt and then a whole other year to strengthen it, Timmy’s going to be, he’s good now, he’s going to be really good.”

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