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Men's soccer sophomore midfielder Mael Corboz and sophomore cross country runner Paige Senatore are coming off an impressive month of competition in their respective sports. Mael started to the season with 5 goals, 3 assist and 4 conference weekly honors, while Paige  took first place in the Monmouth Invitational at Holmdel Park on September 21. Both student-athletes recently took some time to share with the Rutgers Leadership Academy (RLA) a glimpse into their successful month of competition.

Mael Corboz

  1. You have had a fast start to the season with 5 goals, 3 assist and 4 conference weekly honors. What has been the biggest reason to your overall success thus far?

My role has always been to try to set guys up and get some assists so I don’t think there was anything in particular I changed for that aspect. But scoring was something that the coaches and I had spoke about since the end of last season so I’ve put in a lot of work shooting whether it be off the dribble or set pieces. Fortunately for me, a few of them have gone in and hopefully they can continue to go in and help the team.

  1. How long have you been playing organized soccer and what has been your fondest memory to date?

I’ve been playing organized soccer since I was five or six. My fondest memory would have to be winning the U14 National Championship.

  1. What is the name of your favorite club soccer team? And why?

I have two favorite club teams: Arsenal FC and Olympique Lyonnais. Arsenal because I loved their style of play at a young age and Olympique Lyonnais because my father is a huge fan.

  1. High academic achievement is something you truly value. So what are some things you do weekly that allow you to showcase a 3.565 GPA in the classroom?

I don’t really do anything too different. It’s not like I’m staying up ridiculous hours. The main thing is just being serious about how I manage my time and make sure I allocate enough of it to studying.


Paige Senatore

  1. You recently took 1st place in the Monmouth Cross Country Invitational with a time 18:43:85 to what can you attribute the early season success?

I am very pleased with the start of my season but as my high school coach has always told me (and I never seemed to believe him) was “Summer training pays off” I never believed him when he told me but it is starting to show and I can’t deny this fact anymore. In the summer I worked hard, every week training hard and making sure I was staying healthy and fit so I could have a great year. So far I am very satisfied with the results and only look to get better.

  1. What is a typical practice day routine for you?

We typically start our practices during cross country at 3:15 at the Track on Livingston campus or at Bucceleuch Park on College Ave. Depending on what we are doing that day we will either do a team run down the toe path along the Raritan River or on Livingston we run around the soccer fields or trails. On workout days we usually do a light warm-up then repeats in either the park or track.

  1. What was your favorite sport growing up?

Growing up I played both soccer and softball. Between the two sports my favorite of the two was Softball. Up until my sophomore year of high school I always loved softball but then it started becoming a conflict because running is an all year sport. By Junior year of high school I had to make a decision of what I wanted to continue doing softball, or running. It was a hard choice but overall I am satisfied with the decision I made.

  1. You have a 3.525 GPA as a sophomore and will declare your degree major after the spring semester. Have you decided on what you would like to major in and why?

Yes I have decided to major in Psychology with a minor in Education to hopefully get admitted into the GSE for School Counseling (Guidance Counselor). Ever since I was younger I always admired my mom who is a 2nd grade teacher at Upper Township Elementary School. After going to work with her a few times I realized that maybe the classroom is not exactly what I want to do with teaching. As I went through the process of determining the right college I realized how important my guidance counselor was for me in helping me select the right school. At this point I realized that I would really enjoy helping high school students decide on the right college for them just like my guidance counselor did for me.