Allstate Program Aids Scholarships

Allstate Program Aids Scholarships
Oct. 14, 2015

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - Rutgers fans looking to support scholarships for student-athletes can do so at no cost - and with no obligation - through a new program called "Rutgers Quotes for Education" that is being sponsored by Allstate New Jersey.

Each time a Rutgers fan allows Allstate to provide a home or auto quote on their insurance, Allstate will make a $10 donation to Rutgers Athletics Scholarship Fund. That money will go directly to fund scholarships for student-athletes.

The program is the first of its kind and Rutgers is the only school currently involved.

"Rutgers has such a great reputation in the state of New Jersey that it was a logical pick for this program," said Allstate New Jersey president John Kane. "Rutgers is the only school we are doing this type of program with, so for lack of a better term it's kind of a pilot to see how it goes organizationally. There are Rutgers alumni all over the state, as there are Allstate agents. So we thought it would a great natural extension into a partnership like this."

Rutgers fans can trigger the $10 contribution by submitting a quote request online through the official Rutgers portal, or by calling their local Allstate agent. The process takes approximately five minutes and there is no obligation.

The "Rutgers Quotes for Education" program will be available through Dec. 31.

"Allstate has had a longstanding commitment to New Jersey in general, and a lot of our employees are Rutgers alumni," Kane said. "When this came up as an opportunity, being able to support the athletic program made sense because we know that so many of the athletes from Rutgers continue on to the business world and for some of them their path leads to us.

"We thought it would be great to have a scholarship fund that's generated and supported by Allstate to help these student-athletes as they go through school to fulfill their education dreams."

Allstate New Jersey already serves as a "Proud Partner of Rutgers Football."

"Rutgers has been part of the state since 1766," Kane said. "It's great to be a little part of that and to celebrate the school, the students and the athletic program."

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